Utah is the most underrated state in the U.S. 

I know, that’s a bold statement – and guys, it’s the truth. 

Utah went from an undesirable travel destination to one of our favorite spots. A few years ago, we made the trip to Brian Head and spent some time traveling to nearby cities and parks and it left us wanting more, so when we started planning this trip, we took the opportunity to hook up to 50 amp for a few days. 

After a not-so-glamorous stay at the North Las Vegas Elks, we were wowed when we drove into the St. George Elks parking lot. It was a freakin’ postcard with a picturesque view down below to a golf course. It was EXACTLY what we envisioned when we thought about spending time in Utah. 

Originally, a couple rounds of golf were on the itinerary, but it was warm and we really just wanted to hop in the car and explore. During our stay, we hit Zion National Park (it’s incredible), Bryce Canyon National Park and Snow Canyon State Park.

If you haven’t been to Utah, we highly recommend making the trip. You will not be disappointed. 

*Fun Fact* There are five national parks in Utah:

  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park



St. George Elks
630 West 1250 North
St George, UT .84770
(435) 673-1743


Lodging Amenities:

  • 12 – 30/50amp spaces
  • Many Dry Camping Spaces
  • First Come, First Served (No Reservations!)
  • Restrooms & Laundry Available On-Site


The Lodge was open.


Lodging Score: 9/10


Review: Because of Covid, we didn’t expect the lodge to be active, but we were pleasantly surprised that it was. The bar was open and we also partook in a couple dinners, including a small Oktoberfest event. 



  • Inexpensive place to stay ($20/night | $15/night for dry camping)
  • Clean & Well Maintained
  • Large Spots
  • Beautiful Location
  • WiFi 
  • Laundry On-Site — the facility is clean! This is a great place to catch up on your laundry. 



  • No water at sites
  • It’s hot in the summer. The spots are on blacktop and butt up to Red Rocks, which give off a lot of heat. 
  • It’s a desirable location so it may be difficult to get a spot. Since we traveled in a group of three, we made sure to arrive early and during the week, for a better chance at finding an open spot with power.